dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Mel's blog give away

Mel (http://www.thedailymel.com/) is doing a give away on her blog to celebrate her 8 years of blogging. Go check it out! Deadline is august 26.

zondag 23 augustus 2009

The Big Ask again

Next saturday (august 29th 2009), there will be another Big Ask dancing event in Ostend. See what's it all about, and the clip from last year here:


donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Late weekend update

First of all, those finishes I promised in my last update! I made two small X-mass ornies. Both are made on 16 count Aïda. They're mostly try-outs as I never made any before. Don't know if I'm entirely happy with them...

I also made the same snow-man motief on a smaller count (18) Aïda, for a X-mass card, and made a card for my best friend who just bought a house.

Just as last year, the neighbourhood had a small hobby-expostion during the anual festivities. I had my own stand again this year. As you might guess, the Monopoly was a huge succes :-) My mother also had a stand this year.

and last but not least: since we were expected to stay at the exposition and do some work, I took a smaller piece with me (the Egypt is just to big to take to such places): Tiggers Chick

vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

The Great Empire of Egypt update

I have not been stitching as much as I would have liked - I used the month off from the IUI's for a thorough house-cleaning - but I did stitch some on my WIP. The pillars in backstitching are done, as well as the Hator Temple. The pillars were quite complicated, as sometines it went over one, other times over two but the pattern was not always very clear about it. I'm happy with the result though.

I had a few small finishes as well, but I forgot to take a pic. Will put them in a next post.

In a previous post, I showed the bookmark I made for Lila. I recieved a very beautiful bookmark from Lila in return, as you can see here: Thank you Lila!

new sofa's arrived

I bought new sofa's several weeks ago. They finally arrived. It was quite an ordeal getting them through the door. Thanks to a dose of manpower, my seats are were they are supposed to be. We did find three (!) needles after we removed the old seats (hangs head in shame)

donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Dutch Typing Speedtest

A little test I found thanks to Annette's blog (http://annette-werkjes.blogspot.com/). Since I took typing classes many years ago, and took my exams in speed-typing in four languages, I thought let's see if I'm still any good at it :-)

73 words

Speed test

You reached 350 points, so you achieved position 365 of 2266 on the ranking list

You type 447 characters per minute
You have 73 correct words and
you have 1 wrong words