maandag 27 juni 2011

1 year!!

Today was Jelena's birthday, still can't believe how fast that year went by! Last year this time, I was at the maternity-ward, looking in awe at that tiny little girl, wondering how something so precious could be my daughter.

We celebrated her birthday with my parents, brother and sister. Saturday she'll have her other birtday-party (can't have too many of those, right).

her grandma made her a crown by these instructions.

She was quite happy with her new bear and car


She also recieved a package by post. In it was the cutest bib I've ever seen! Thank you Annette!!

woensdag 22 juni 2011

Baby afghan and other

Baby afghan: status update
I had good hopes of finishing the afghan before Jelena's first birthday, but with Princesje's death, I just did not feel up to stitching for a couple of days. Eventually I did pick up the needle and thread again, but now I'm still 3 squares away from finishing the stitching, so it won't be finished by then. And of course then the afghan still needs to be 'finished'. Let's just hope I'll be able to show you a pic soon!

We had a long dry spell that made my (vegetable) garden cry out for rain. That cry was answered last week, and I was actually happy to see the rain (not many people were, but I'd like my vegetables to grow!), but the heavy rain pouring down from heavens while I'm at my way to work by bike wasn't really necessary! I arrived at work, looking like a soaking wet cat
Even with al that rain, the underground is actually still very dry and hard, so some more (gently pouring down during the night) rain would still be welcome ;-)

It didn't look like it, but yesterday the summer-season started. It was also the longest day in the year. I don't really won't to think about the days already getting shorter again. Hmm, maybe time to start that christmass-sock for Jelena??? (although I don't think it will be ready this christmass).

Thank you all for your sympathies and support, the meant a lot.
Her loss is still felt, but the biggest sadness has at least lessened. She was my four--legged baby and will always be remembered with much fondness. I'd like to share this pic with you, this one was taken in april this year at Maxi Zoo by Portrait Studios (copyright of this pic is by them). I didn't really take that many pics of her during the last two years, now I off course regret it :( Stupidly enough, I had just planned to take a new pic, but I was already too late.


Almost one year, and I'm busy prepping her birthday party. The invitations went out a month ago with a pic of my little darling
My - not so little anymore - daughter now walks some steps when she has support of the furniture, off exploring the world!
Here's another pic of here, with Pralientje, my sisters Yorkie of 16 years old (she so loves those dogs!)

And just a pic to make you hungry :)
(all pics are clickable)

dinsdag 14 juni 2011


my little Princesje, I will miss you, your playful attitude, your cuddles, your good nature. I love you.

Born 15/02/1997 - passed on 14/06/2011

donderdag 9 juni 2011

Baby Afghan: row Three

Yep, more stitching got done on the baby afghan, and I finished the third row with a cute dog and bunny.
DSC00642 DSC00636
From now on the motives are returning, but some in mirror image. I'm not going to bore you with the images again, I will put up a pic of the whole afghan next time :)

And here's a pic of little cool Jelena at the beach

Thanks for viewing (and commenting), I appreciate it!