zondag 29 mei 2011

Baby Afghan: second row

I finished the second row of the baby afghan with a little bear and a duck. If the frogs wouldn't be interfering, these would be quick finishes.
DSC00604 DSC00635
All of these designs will come back in the lower part of the afghan (but in mirror-image)

11 months
This little one turned ELEVEN months, where does time go???

DSC00632 DSC00634

Apparently cupcakes are THE cake right now, so I couldn't stay behind, here's my experiment with them:

DSC00623 DSC00630

zaterdag 21 mei 2011

Baby afghan: elephant

I've been stitching!! :-) I've got the next three squares done on the baby afghan: two hearts and a baby-elephant.
DSC00588 DSC00589

Here's another pic of my little darling who loves standing!

zondag 8 mei 2011

Happy Mother's Day

to all moms (to be) in the world.

Jelena made something for me in daycare :)

I've also been experimenting with my baking for a mother's day-cake. I've made a small biscuit and a somewhat 'normal'-sized biscuit, made two kinds of fillings (banana-mousse and strawberry-mouse) and covered the cake with marsepein (sorry, don't know the English for that one). Still a loooong way to go with the decorating, but it's a start :)

zondag 1 mei 2011

birthday card

DSC00572 Just a small stitchy update. I made a birthday card for someone who could use a little cheering up. At the moment I (or someone else) seem to have misplaced the pattern for the baby-afghan, all 'find-lost-item'-vibes are welcome ;-)

In between these updates, I've taken a little trip to Lourdes. It was Jelena's first big trip. We went by car, she was such a good girl!
DSC00508 DSC00527
She's really changing these last few weeks, she can now really crawl on hands and knees, althoug the other way goes faster at this moment, so she still prefers that. She's also trying to stand, and pulls herself straight on anything she can.
DSC00494 DSC00502 DSC00563

Last wednesday, she turned 10 months.

And here's the result of my Easter-baking. The writing on it was done with white chocolate. The result was really yummy! :)
DSC00555 the glacing wasn't dry yet, on the pic.

And lastly, thank you everyone who has been commenting on my blog, I appreciate them all! And welcome to the new follower(s)! :-)