maandag 27 december 2010


A couple of days ago, we recieved bad news about the health of one of our moderators of ILCS, one of the members suggested a stitch-a-thon in honor of our moderator. Here's what I accomplished:

I finished the next in line: July

I started a project that was RAK'ed to me by Rene (view my blog-entree april 4th): A Baby is a gift from God
DSC00390 (and what better project to start now?)

6 months!
Today my darling daughter turned six months young, where did the time go??

zaterdag 25 december 2010

And the winner

of my 50-followers give-away is Donna's Stitching. Congrats Donna!

vrijdag 24 december 2010

Merry Christmas

Jelena and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

DSC00335 DSC00337 DSC00343 DSC00370

vegetable time!
Since Jelena is turning six months old (young), it's time to start with vegetables. It wasn't a big succes yet, ah well, she'll learn with time I guess.

DSC00360 DSC00361

Christmas baking
I've been baking ...
DSC00368 DSC00369 DSC00372

I finished the next one in line: June
On the July...


all pics are clickable

woensdag 15 december 2010


My wish came true, I finished May a LOT faster than april :) But boy, am I tired!

Here's a piccie (click to enlarge)


by the way: Mel is having a 200 followers give-away, go check it out!

zondag 12 december 2010

LK SAL: april

Having a little girl that prefers to spend the evenings in mummy's arms is not productive for mummy's stitching, so even this little pattern took me more than a month! (schock!!)
But I finally managed to finish the April stamp.


Hopefully I'll get May done a bit faster!

maandag 6 december 2010

Sinterklaas and Give-Away

leg wat in mijn schoentje,
leg wat in mijn laarsje,
dank u Sinterklaasje!

It's the 6th of December, the day to celebrate Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas brings gifts and candy to those who've been good, and black coal to those who have been naughty! The kids give their wish-list and hope the good man will bring something from the list.
Of course Jelena is way to young to celebrate Sinterklaas, and yet, a tiny shoe appeared at the fire-place, with a carrot for the horse of Sinterklaas, and apparently a wish-list. The good man obviously understood what she wanted, because ... a new pacifier was lying in the shoe.
DSC00330 DSC00332

While it's not actually winter yet, the weather is obviously winter-like! Brrrr, it's cold outside! And ... we had snow!

Since today is a day for gifts, it's the perfect day to announce my 50 followers (+1) give-away! (thanks everyone for being interested in my blog!)
The give-away once again contains 2 magazines from Borduurblad: the numbers 4 and 6 and a kit (aïda fabric, dmc-floss)
The drawing will happen on another perfect day for gifts: 25th december!

little model
DSC00319 DSC00322

No news worth mentioning on the stitchy front :(

All pics are clickable

zondag 14 november 2010

Shelley's giveaway

Shelley is having a birthday giveaway. Found it about it on her blog

donderdag 11 november 2010

And the winner is...


There were 16 people wanting a chance of winning the give-away, and the winner is ...
(sorry, no pic of it, the light was to bad to make it readable)

MEARI Congrats Meari!! Please contact me with your adress so I can send the package your way :)

Since I have 50 (+1) followers, I'll do another give-away soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you all for the birthday-wishes!
So yesterday was my birthday, 30! I survived it :) Had a nice lunch at my parents house, had some cake. Boohoo, no new stash, but my sister have some cash, so I can go shopping myself :)

Let's (rock and) roll!
Jelena is now also rolling from back to tummy, and she really really really likes it! Every time I lay her down (doesn't matter where: bed, box, play-carpet, when she need's to be changed ...), she rolls to her tummy! It's been a week now, and she's still not tired of it. It also means I have to go 'rescue' her and turn her back (even though she can roll from tummy to back herself), everytime she gets too tired.

donderdag 4 november 2010

Blog give-away!

In honor (ahum) of my upcoming birthday (the big 3!), I'm organising a give-away. The prize are 2 magazines borduurblad number 13 and 14 and a kit Gerbéra Saumon.

The patterns in the magazines are to be stitched with DMC.

Just leave a comment on this post if you want to be added to the give-away.
I'll be drawing a name on 10/11/2010.

Here you can also find some free patterns from this magazine!

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

LK SAL: march

I finally finished the next one in the LK SAL: March. The others are about done with october, but we won't think about that!
Here's a piccie:

On other news, Jelena is now almost 4 months (only one week to go), she can now roll from tummy to back, she 'talks' and laughs, just a joy to watch and hear. The formulae-milk did not go so well, I had to change it a couple of times, I hope I now have the right one, because it's just awfull to see her in such pain from the cramps :(

zondag 10 oktober 2010

Mel's giveaway

Mel is holding a giveaway on her blog. Go check it out!

vrijdag 24 september 2010

LK-SAL: february

LK february Soooo, we're almost a month later ... and I finally finished another piece of my LK-SAL. Since I didn't have any inspiration on how to finish these stamps (and since I can't sew, there aren't that many things I can make), I decided to make one big piece.

Proud mummy!
Can't believe she's now almost 3 (three!) months old, where did those weeks go?? She's now at the stage of making funny sounds (prrr, wawa, hé), and putting everything in her mouth.
HPIM2154 HPIM2171 HPIM2189
Unfortunately, I have only one more week of vacation-time and then it's back to work (but luckily I start on half days), so I'll have to start her on powder-milk (keeping fingers crossed the transition goes smoothly!)

dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

LK-SAL: january

Finally a cross-stitch update! Time just flies by and my cross-stitch just lies there :(, but now I managed to complete January of the LK-SAL from the CSL-group

LK January I didn't have the suggested fabric for it, just used what I have: 18 ct Aïda champagne color.
I stitched without buttons or beads, might add them later, when I find something that fits.

2 months old!
Unbelievable that she's already 2 months and a few days old! She's growing so fast, the newborn clothes are making place for '3-months' clothes. My maternity-leave is almost over, yikes! Luckily I still have my holiday-time saved up, so I can stay home for 4 more weeks.


click pic to enlarge

donderdag 29 juli 2010


Yesterday I got a big surprise in the mail! The mailman rang the doorbell and had a package in his hand, I hadn't ordered anything though! Then I saw the sticker of airmail on the package and the name Debbie B., I recognised the name as a member of the ILCSgroup. Inside I found a nice card, and two very cute and beautiful outfits!

and here's another piccie of the cutie that's going to be wearing them :)

Princesje would like some attention too, so she got a new haircut :)

dinsdag 20 juli 2010

Egypt: the promised pic

The Egyptian Empire by Maria Van Scharrenburg got started on 01/01/2009 and finished on 18/07/2010, so I've been working on it for a longtime. I'm so happy (and proud) to have it finished. Especially the backstitches were a challenge. Egypt is a cross-stitch kit from Lanarte.
Finished size: 47x56 cm
Stitched on 27ct evenweave

And because I'm a proud mommy, some pics of my cute daughter :)

maandag 19 juli 2010

A big finish!

I've been saying for about a month that Egypt was ALMOST finished, almost to my frustration, lol, but since yesterday, I can say, it's FINISHED! A pic will follow as soon as it's cleaned up a bit and ironed.

Can't believe my daughter is already 3 weeks old, and boy does she have a strong grip, she really seems to enjoy pulling my hair! I guess it will be ponytails from now on for me :) When she's on her belly, she can push up enough and lift her head and turn it from one side to the other.

maandag 12 juli 2010

Cindy's giveaway

Cindy is doing a blog-giveaway in celebration of her 100th follower. Interested? Go check her blog

zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Stitchy update
I was working on Egypt, as previously said, hoping to have it finished before baby came, and I was becoming sooooo close. (un?)fortunately baby decided to come about a day to soon to have it done. But here's a pic of the last part I was working on:

So the big news
On the 27th of june (just a few days after my last check-up in which there were absolutely NO signs labour was going to start in the next days), my water broke at 3.45 AM. So off to the hospital I went. I had before hoped to have an underwater delivery, but the new hospital forgot about the waterpipes for the bath, so no underwater delivery was possible. I did want to do everything without any pain-meds, and once again, it wasn't possible. At 12.30 the doctor came in and decided for me I would need an epidurale, because the labour wasn't going as needed, and they were going to stimulate it. At 18.30 hours, my daughter was born (with a lot of pushing on my belly by the mid-wife, OUCH!). Call me crazy (every one does), but I had so hoped she would wait until it was July to be born :(
She measures 50 centimeters (19,68 inches??), and 3540 grams (7,80 pounds??), she recieved the name Jelena.
Here's the cutie at 4 hours old

and yesterday

dinsdag 22 juni 2010

More Egypt

Egypt has grown nicely (even if I do say so myself, lol) since last time. I'm taking advantage of the last days of my pregnancy to get as much stitching in, as I can - since it will probably be a while then before I can sit down and stitch again. So here's a pic of where I am today:

With the 'palmzuil' (Palmate Column) and the Albasten sfinx (Albaster sfinx) finished, and also the border, I finished the right side of the pattern! Yay me :) Egypt might even get finished one day!

maandag 14 juni 2010

The Egyptian Empire: tempel Aboe Simbel + Horus


A week and a half ago, the doctor gave me the OK to be a bit more 'active' again, so I've been sitting up more again, and taking mini-walks. The sitting up gave me the possibility to take up the stitching of the Egyptian Empire again. Remember where I left of?

I've been working on the Temple Aboe Simbel first (the statues behind King Tut) and then the statue Horus next to it. Here's a pic of the stitched area and one of the whole work. Next on the agenda is 'palmzuil'.

a bigger version of the pic can be found here webshots album

I've hit the 37 weeks pregnancy mark! So from now, the baby is allowed to come from the doctor, I personally hope baby stays where it is for about 2 more weeks (or 3). It's wierd, but it's like I really need those 2 weeks mentally. And I have a tour of the maternity ward planned on the 24th (second try, the first appointment couldn't go through because I was put on rest) and I really would like to be able to make that appointment, I think I'd be more relaxed through the delivery if I have that preparation. We'll see have everything goes... as long as baby is healthy!

vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Another biscornu

I finally managed to put together the third stitched up biscornu. This one is 39x39 in size.

(click to biggify)
This one is made from two free patterns from Miss T

Thanks everyone who's encouraged me in trying the afghan, I'm still doubting my own skills though :(, also thanks to everyone who voted :) For now Eyeore has won :)

Now I'm going to enjoy the hot weather a bit more (before it's too hot for me), since it will only last a couple of days.

zondag 30 mei 2010


Since I have to take things easy, and try to keep bed-rest, I decided to try to stitch some little things (the pattern for Egypt is just a 'tiny little bit' to big work with :-) ) and decided on some biscornus. I've finished these two, one with a button and one without. The motives are 25x25 stitches, so these are real small ones. I've got one more to put together, a slighty bigger one 37x37 stitches

Someone asked me if I was going to make a baby afghan, that made me think about it :-) I'm in doubt if I have enough skill to make a beautifull afghan, but the question certainly made me interested in them! Unfortunately, it's not something I can find in my LNS, so it would mean some overseas shopping. I've been looking at 123stitch, and would prefer a kit, so I'm sure I have all the right things. But which to chose?; which ones do you like the most?
1 Snoozy Day
2 Pooh with bees
3 Eeyore
4 Sleepy Bunnies
5 Sweet Animal
6 B is for Baby
7 I have another idea...

For those following my pregnancy, I'm still and the meds to stop contractions, hopefully I'll know more soon, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed - praying - hoping that baby stays put where it is for a week or 4-5 more :) If you want to take a guess as to the babies gender (if you already know, please don't tell), there's a poll in the sidebar

woensdag 12 mei 2010

Second finish of the year

Winnie the Pooh Calender
Sunday evening, I finished the last backstitch on Tigger (March). With that finished I have my second finish of the year! Here's a detail of the last two months and a pic of the whole calender.

Pooh and Friends is a counted cross-stitch kit from Vervaco: 2575/70.910 stitched on a 14 ct Aïda. Finished size: 25 x45 cm (14" x 18").

Chef Tiger is having a giveaway here. Go check it out.

Dawn (no blogger) gifted me with a pattern and some floss! This is a totally new kind of floss for me, so anyone have ideas how I can use, please tell :)

Pregnancy update
Monday, it turned it I already have some contractions, since I'm only 32 weeks along, that's way to early :( So now I'm on meds to stop the contractions, and I need to rest as much as possible. Please tell the baby it needs to wait to come into the world!