donderdag 14 april 2011


A late update...

We've had another round of little health-problems, I suffered about a week from a flue-like something, Jelena had an ear-infection, she passed the ear-infection to me by sneezing in my face, got an infected eye out of it (ouch!), and now we both have a cold :( So here's hoping to finally get rid of all the bugs...

Not much stitching happened, with tiredness, bugs and bacteria, and FROGS! The frogs seem to love my new baby afghan, but by being persistent, I finally managed to get the first square done, at this rate, she'll have it just in time for her own kids!

And on request: here's a pic of the whole LK SAL

A little while ago, Meari wrote about a Tide Pin on her blog, I commented that sounded really handy, but I've never seen such a thing around here. Such a wonderfully as she is, she e-mailed me she was going to send me a Pen! Last week the package arrived, it didn't only have a Tide Pen inside, but some other wonderful goodies as wel:


And since I don't remember if I ever mentioned these on my blog (luckily I do remember e-mailing the people to thank them):
These was rak'ed by Evalina because I became her 100th follower.
stitching on clothing will be a whole new experience. I'm keeping it for when Jelena is a bit bigger :)

And this came from Lisa N

Thanks ladies!!!

Jelena has already turned 9 months, she can now go back to sitting after crawling.
DSC00465 DSC00466 DSC00478