dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

LK-SAL: january

Finally a cross-stitch update! Time just flies by and my cross-stitch just lies there :(, but now I managed to complete January of the LK-SAL from the CSL-group

LK January I didn't have the suggested fabric for it, just used what I have: 18 ct Aïda champagne color.
I stitched without buttons or beads, might add them later, when I find something that fits.

2 months old!
Unbelievable that she's already 2 months and a few days old! She's growing so fast, the newborn clothes are making place for '3-months' clothes. My maternity-leave is almost over, yikes! Luckily I still have my holiday-time saved up, so I can stay home for 4 more weeks.


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