zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

Give-away winner announcement and a finish!

There were 5 people who expressed their interested in the give-away and the winner is:



Last time, I showed you a new start, this time I'm able to show you it's finish.

I had actually hoped to have some more stitches in, as we were on vacation the last weeks (more babysitters, to look after Jelena), but daughter-darling didn't agree with that :) It's a compliment for mummy, right? :)

In some other news, we went to another amusement-park a couple of weeks ago (Plopsaland De Panne), Jelena had so much fun, for mummy the waiting-lines were a bit less fun, but all in all, it was okay. I'll try to put up some pics next time. Yesterday, she also rode the tricycle all by herself for the first time! She's so proud riding her bike :)

My parents also celebrated their wedding-anniversary, so that meant cake-time. I made cupcakes so they could treat their bowling-club (was a surprise) and a cake for them

And now I can finally start on the baby-preps! No time to lose anymore, because it's really getting close...

Next update I'll try to put up some pics of our day at Plopsaland and some of our vacation-pics.

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