zaterdag 26 september 2009

Mystery animal SAL part 2

I've been a good girl, and have been working on part 2 as soon as I recieved it. Last time I barely made the 'deadline', so I decided to do better this time! I still have a week left now :-)
Still haven't done any of the backstitches though.

For the rest I have been working on two exchanges on the Dutch EMS board: a Disney bookmark, and a magnet with the subject Autumn. No piccies until everything has been finished up and recieved by my partners.

Last weekend

Last weekend, I went away on weekend to the Ardennen. We visited the castle of Veves. It's an 8th century castle, with other parts build on the original castle later on. It was the stronghold of the Lords of Beaufort, and the residence to their descendants, the Counts de Liedekerke Beaufort.

On the way back to our staying home we made a stop in Dinant.

In the afternoon we had a guided walk, we passed the Belgian borders into France. We went all the way up a look-out tower
It was quite a climb, but the view was definately worth it.

Had a lovely brunch on sunday, and then back home (with first some sightseeing) we went.

woensdag 16 september 2009

Egypt update

As promised last time, this time I bring an update on my BAP Egypt. I've been working on one of the pilars and I also did some of the border. The backstitch of the border is in gold metallic thread. This pattern uses a lot of the gold metallic. For now, the thread seems to be cooperating :-)

I've also been working on a mystery animal SAL for the CLS-group. This is the first part. I'm still lacking two colors, so it's not complete yet, and I also haven't done the backstitching yet.

donderdag 3 september 2009

A finish and some other stuff

I finally managed to finish Tiger's Chick! All those fractional stitches on the Aïda made it take a longer, but it's done! :-)

The last weekend of August, it's a bit of a tradition to go to the flower corso in Blankenberge. This year the theme was art. The flowers of Van Gogh, Magrit, Picasso... all made in flowers. These are two examples. More can be found at my webshots-page. (

I also have my own vegatable garden (tomatoes, beans, lettuce, potatoes), but this is a big example of a potatoe! It's about 24 cm long. It's too big for me, lol!

Next update will (hopefully) be about the Egypt-WIP!