zaterdag 30 juni 2012


Whee, this is my 100th post on Blogger, so this will call for a give-away! I've had a lot on my mind lately, so haven't been able to get it organised yet, so just stay tuned...

And this little one turned 2
DSC01616 DSC01619 DSC01625
DSC01643 the presents...
DSC01646 THE birthday cake
DSC01647 flan-cake
DSC01649 blowing out the candle

DSC01614 some mini-cakes

Stitchy finishes
I finished the Box for Meari's class (see earlier posts) and finished part 7 of the snow globe SAL, yay me :) Stitching goes really slow, since there is a lot to do for the new arrival, and not that much time. I need to rest enough, and the days that Jelena is home (she only goes 2 days a week to daycare), there's not much opportunity for stitching ;)

Almost forgot, there were some other opportunities for baking ;) We had father's day and I saw this as a good day to ask the godparents of the baby, I wrote the question on a cookie - due to circumstances the godmother didn't get asked though (complicated business...). Jelena helped with making the cookies ;)

DSC01588 DSC01593 DSC01597

DSC01613 getting big!

Pregnancy is also going well so far, keeping fingers crossed off course! Thanks everyone whose also keeping fingers crossed, I'm sure all the positive vibes help :)

thank you for visiting my blog!