donderdag 3 september 2009

A finish and some other stuff

I finally managed to finish Tiger's Chick! All those fractional stitches on the Aïda made it take a longer, but it's done! :-)

The last weekend of August, it's a bit of a tradition to go to the flower corso in Blankenberge. This year the theme was art. The flowers of Van Gogh, Magrit, Picasso... all made in flowers. These are two examples. More can be found at my webshots-page. (

I also have my own vegatable garden (tomatoes, beans, lettuce, potatoes), but this is a big example of a potatoe! It's about 24 cm long. It's too big for me, lol!

Next update will (hopefully) be about the Egypt-WIP!

10 opmerkingen:

Shelley - ILCS zei

Tigger is adorable. Congrats on the finish! Wow!! That is some potato!!

Rene la Frog zei

Congrats on the finish! I just love Tigger.

The pictures of the flowers on webshots are fantastic. Reminds me of the Rose Parade we have here on New Years Day.

Annette zei

Tigger is zo'n liefje, heel mooi.
De parade ziet er erg gezellig uit.
Nou daar kan een gezin wel van eten van zo'n aardappel

Ashrei zei

I know what you mean about fractional stitches on aida cloth. I have a UFO on aida that is full of 1/4 stitches. I applaud you on this great finish!

Nancy M zei

Those fractional stitches on Aida would have done me in!! My hats off to you for finishing! It's very cute. You could make lots of potato salad out of that one!!!

Carol zei

Loooove Tigger.

The float is really pretty. Must have taken a while to make.

Kathy zei

Congratulations on the finish. I love Tigger and you did a fabulous job on this one.

Oh does that potato look yummy. You could probably feed two people with that one. :)

Carolyn NC zei

Congratulations! I love Tigger - great finish!

Sadie zei

Very nice finish Katrien!

Meari zei

Congrats on your finish. Looks good!