zaterdag 28 november 2009


Last thursday we had quite a scare, my little 12 year old fur-baby suddenly didn't seem to respond to anything anymore. So she was rushed to the vet. He operated on her the same evening, she almost stayed in the sedation, but my tough little girl pulled through. Recovery is taking a while of coursse, but she's definately doing better. Here's to hoping here recovery continues and she can stay with me for a couple more years.

4 opmerkingen:

Annette zei

Hopelijk is ze snel weer de oude

Nancy M zei

Hope all is well and she is back home recovering now.

X-it zei

Oei, da's efkes verschieten, zo ineens!
Gelukkig is ze erdoor gekomen, ik hoop samen met jou dat ze je nog lang gezelschap mag houden!

Meari zei

I hope she's doing better by now. I can see how you'd be concerned!