dinsdag 23 maart 2010

A bit of this and that

Animal SAL 9/10

Part 9 is finished!! Well, almost finished actually, because the white you can see between the pinks/red/purples, still needs to be filled with purple, but I'm out of DMC 553 for the moment. Will fix it when I'm doing part 10. I'm still hoping to make this one my first finish of the year by the end of the month, let's see if I can make it!

Winnie The Pooh year calender

I mentioned before that I had started the Winnie calender, but had a problem with it. This is what I had stitched on it, but I had a problem with the fabric (my own fault), and the stitches didn't really want to stay where they were supposed on one spot. I did get them fixed eventually, but I was soooo not happy with it. I e-mailed vervaco and explained them the problem, they immediately told me they would sent me a new piece of fabric and the thread I had already used. Two days later I already had it in the mail-box. And now to restart with it...

Blog winnings

As some might remember, I was the lucky recipient of Mel's blog-giveaway. I recieved this a couple of weeks ago, and remembered to let Mel know, but forgot to post here. Sorry about the bad pic.

The Egyptian Empire

While I was waiting to recieve the next part of the Animal SAL, I picked Egypt out from under the dust it was collecting. First piccie is where I left of somewhere in october/november 2009. Second pic is a detail of the work done on it, and last pic is a complete view of it. As you can see, I worked some on the statues behind the Pharao, also did some backstitching on the Pharao, with the much loved DMC gold metallic.

Pregnancy update

So, this is me, about one week ago (at 24 weeks pregnant), big belly no?; My father thinks so anyway, he asked me if the doctor had prescribed me candy instead of meds. I'm starting to feel it in my back though, so I bought a support band, hope it will help. The furniture for the room has been ordered, yay! Will be delivered in about 6 weeks :-) The little one is stubbornly keeping its gender hidden from mommy, but it's healthy, and that's the most important. It does prevent me from going wild in clothes shopping though, but that's a good thing, right? :-) It is a bit hard missing my work collegues though.

Hoe gaat het met mijn baby?

14 opmerkingen:

Rene la Frog zei

So happy to hear Mom and Baby are doing so well.

The stitching looks great!

Emily zei

Glad to hear that the baby is healthy. You are not that big, I was bigger at that point, but I guess it is relative to what you were before. All your stitching looks great and can't wait to see the animal SAL finished, it is so pretty.

Jo zei

No, you're not that big, by 20wks with DD I was bigger than my friend at 8mths with her DD. The animal sal is beautiful and I'm not letting DH see Egypt otherwise he'll want it doing!

Annette zei

Wat een geweldige foto's van je WIP, je heb de smaak weer goed te pakken, fijn dat je gezondheid het tot zo ver toe laat, wat minder dat je last van je rug erbij gekregen heb, ik kan erover mee praten heb dat 9 maanden pijn in mijn rug gehad, en echt dik ben je niet hoor, ik was ook dikker op dat moment, net een bal met stokjes eraan...hihi
Ondanks alles geniet van je zwangerschap...

Cyndi Harris ~ zei

Great stitching! And congratulations on your baby!!

Shelley zei

You look wonderful! The support band will help tremendously. I had to get one as soon as I started showing. It actually came in handy after Connor was born and I was recovering from my c-section.

Your stitching looks awesome!

Carolyn NC zei

Glad to see that you and baby are doing great! Stitching looks wonderful!

Mel zei

Lovely stitching!
Glad the package is still there. :)

You are looking great! Hope your support band helps out.

EvalinaMaria zei

Hon, you are looking good! I absolutely love all your WIPs and I want to claim your Egyptian Empire chart after you done with it. I will pay for it or trade for it but I gave up searching for it. I spent endless hours looking for that pattern and couldn't find it and I am crazy about ancient Egyptian stuff.

Anoniem zei

Happy to see you and the baby are doing great. Lovely progress on your WIPs.


Vicky L zei

Your Animal Sal is so colorful. Keep it up.
This is the first picture I got a chance to see you. You look wonderful. It is good to hear the baby is doing well.

Anoniem zei

Your stitching is beautiful, and you look like a happy, growing mum. I'm glad to hear that the baby is healthy.

Nancy M zei

So glad to see a picture of you and baby!!! Not long to go now, how exciting!!! Lovely job on the stitching too!

Debbie zei

Your Animal SAL is looking great!

Glad to hear that you're feeling fine and the baby is growing. Have you thought of names yet?