dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

LK-SAL: january

Finally a cross-stitch update! Time just flies by and my cross-stitch just lies there :(, but now I managed to complete January of the LK-SAL from the CSL-group

LK January I didn't have the suggested fabric for it, just used what I have: 18 ct Aïda champagne color.
I stitched without buttons or beads, might add them later, when I find something that fits.

2 months old!
Unbelievable that she's already 2 months and a few days old! She's growing so fast, the newborn clothes are making place for '3-months' clothes. My maternity-leave is almost over, yikes! Luckily I still have my holiday-time saved up, so I can stay home for 4 more weeks.


click pic to enlarge

9 opmerkingen:

Meari zei

Congrats on the LK finish. Your little one is adorable!

Emily zei

Congrats on a finish, hard to do with a little one. She has gotten so big. Give her a big hug for me. XOXO

EvalinaMaria zei

Jelena looks beautiful! Congrats on the finish.

Mel zei

Awh, she's sooo cute! :)

Congrats on the finish.

Mylene zei

Cute picture of your daughter and she's sure growing fast.

Lk finish looks great, congrats on the finish.

Annette zei

Congratz on the finish... it are small piece, easy to do, on teh moment the little one is sleeping.
Mijne ligt ff in de kast maar hoop er ook gauw weer verder aan te gaan.

Geniet van je kleine meisje, want het gaat zo verschrikkelijk snel, ik kan me al bijna niet meer herrineren dat Noha zo klein was

Vicky L zei

Congrats on the finish!
Oh wow, Your daughter is getting big. And all that hair! She is adorable.

Kelly zei

Love your Lk!
Your daughter is beautiful and she has so much hair :)

Nancy M zei

Congrats on getting ANY stitching done!!! LOL Your little girl is getting big and she has so much hair!! Nice that you have another month to stay home!