woensdag 20 oktober 2010

LK SAL: march

I finally finished the next one in the LK SAL: March. The others are about done with october, but we won't think about that!
Here's a piccie:

On other news, Jelena is now almost 4 months (only one week to go), she can now roll from tummy to back, she 'talks' and laughs, just a joy to watch and hear. The formulae-milk did not go so well, I had to change it a couple of times, I hope I now have the right one, because it's just awfull to see her in such pain from the cramps :(

11 opmerkingen:

Annette zei

Je bent ook al goed bezig met je LK SAL..
Wat een schatje je dochter, en wat doet ze het goed...
Succes met je flesvoeding..

Meari zei

Congrats on your finish.

It's common to have to try different formulas because they don't agree with baby's tummy. Hope things go better from here out.

htimcj zei

Your LK stamps look great! You have the cutest little girl. Hopefully the tummy troubles are over.

Carolyn NC zei

Stitching looks great! What a cute pic of your little one!

Kelly zei

March looks great!
Your little one is such a cutie, and look at all that hair! :)

Mel zei

Stitching looks great!

Hopefully she gets use to formula soon.

Nancy M zei

Congrats on getting another month done. Hope the formula problem has worked itself out.

Rene la Frog zei

Congrats on another great finish.

The little one is getting so big and cutier with each update

Vicky L zei

Congrats on the finish! Your daughter is so adorable. I hope the feedings are getting better.

Debbie zei

Jelena is sure cute!!

You're making great progress on your stitching

Shelley zei

Jelena is beautiful!!