donderdag 11 november 2010

And the winner is...


There were 16 people wanting a chance of winning the give-away, and the winner is ...
(sorry, no pic of it, the light was to bad to make it readable)

MEARI Congrats Meari!! Please contact me with your adress so I can send the package your way :)

Since I have 50 (+1) followers, I'll do another give-away soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you all for the birthday-wishes!
So yesterday was my birthday, 30! I survived it :) Had a nice lunch at my parents house, had some cake. Boohoo, no new stash, but my sister have some cash, so I can go shopping myself :)

Let's (rock and) roll!
Jelena is now also rolling from back to tummy, and she really really really likes it! Every time I lay her down (doesn't matter where: bed, box, play-carpet, when she need's to be changed ...), she rolls to her tummy! It's been a week now, and she's still not tired of it. It also means I have to go 'rescue' her and turn her back (even though she can roll from tummy to back herself), everytime she gets too tired.

4 opmerkingen:

Meari zei

Little Jelena is growing so fast! Sounds like you had a nice birthday :)

Thanks for the giveaway!!

Carolyn NC zei

Congrats to Meari! Glad your BD was good!

Annette zei

Happy birthday!!
Congratz Meari!!
Wow that litlle Jelena is going so fast... you must be so proud!!

Meari zei

I received the package yesterday. Thank you!