maandag 28 februari 2011

LK SAL: two for one

hi there

Yesterday, I was too lasy to go pick up the cable to transfer the pics to the computer, but in the meantime I finished not one stamp but two of the LK-SAL, so now only december is left to stitch.

Lk stamp: October LK stamp: November
click for bigger pic

Look at her go ...
My little baby is growing soooo fast, she turned 8 (EIGHT!) months old yesterday. I just can't believe where the time went. My little baby girl has two teeth by now, can sit of you put her that way (until she's distracted and falls sideways), andddddd she's moving! Not 'crawling' yet, but she's going forward and fast! Nothing is safe anymore, and the words 'no, don't do that', have made their entry in our household.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post!
Comments are loved and appreciated :)

12 opmerkingen:

Annette zei

Congratz on both finishes.. you faster then I'm ..hihi

8 months already.. times flies!!
Nee, niet doen etc ga je nog heeeeeeeeel lang zeggen hoor!!! Wen er maar

Mel zei

Your little one is just adorable!

The Lizzie Kate's are great.

Emily in NC zei

Congrats on getting two more stamps done.

htimcj zei

Watch out! Once littles one become mobile NOTHING is safe but it is such a fun time!
Your stamps look great too!

Meari zei

Just look at that face! :) Jelena is such a cutie. Before you know it, she'll be climbing and walking.

Oct & Nov stamps look great. Won't be long now before you're finished. Nice job.

Vicky L zei

Your stitching is beautiful. I love the colors.
Jelena is so adorable.

Shelley zei

Jelena is adorable!!!

Congrats on two more months complete:)

Anoniem zei

Look at those fat cheeks, she is adorable.

Your pictures are very nice.


Nancy M zei

Yahoo, just one more month to go!! Getting mobile?? Watch out, she'll be walking soon and then it's time to get your skates on and chase her around!

Claudette497 zei

Congratulations on the finishes! Your little one is a cutie.

Mylene zei

You are nearly done with the LK and looking beautiful.

Your little one is sooo adorable!

chrisstitches zei

nice progress on the SAL.
Oct and Nov are cute.
So is your little one.