maandag 23 januari 2012

Snow Globes part 4/8

A bit (a lot!) later than I had hoped but I've finally managed to finish part 4 of the snow globe SAL, a SAL which is organised by CSL-group This one is a cute snowman.


It was my sisters birthday, she requested an apple-pie.


Met het overgebleven deeg, maakte ik een appelflapje. Ik maakte ook briochebroden.

DSC01395 DSC01396

And just because...


8 opmerkingen:

Annette zei

Great Snowglobe!!
How many are there?
Yummy!!! you can cook so beautifull!!!
Lovely pic of Jelena

Elena zei

Snowglobe looks great.

Kelly Smith zei

Love the snow globe and thanks for sharing your photos!

Nancy M zei

Very cute snow globe!

Laurita Hall zei

Lovely snowman!!!


Meari zei

Your snowglobe looks adorable, and what yummy-looking treats ☺

Carolyn NC zei

Cute snow globe!

Anne Sans Tete zei

The snow globes are really cute! And the apple pie looks yuuuuuuummy!

- Lisa N. in Cambodia