maandag 7 mei 2012

Snow Globe SAL 6/8

Snow Globe SAL 6/8
I finally finished the 6th part in this SAL, only took me a couple of months...

Box Finishing Class
Meari is organizing a box finishing class. I had a lot of trouble finding a box (didn't find one at all...) so my brother made one. Okay, it's not the best looking box in the world, but to me it is mostly about the practice of learning how do finish this. Here's the box and my stitching Mes Jouets

Hidden hints
I left two hidden hints in the last blogpost. Annette found the message, although since she understands Dutch, she did have a little head-start :) For the others, here's another 'hint'

This new Blogger-look is really taking some getting used too, why do they have to change this when you are finally getting the hang of things??
Thank you for visiting my blog!

14 opmerkingen:

Cindy zei

Great stitching.
Are you pregnant again?

Denise SA zei

Cogratulations Katrien when is the baby due.
Glad you seem to have got your mojo back. Take care and rest as much as you can

Debbie Jo zei

Lovely stitching and fantastic looking box! AH,,,a sister or brother on the way?? Do take care and congrats to all!

Meari zei

The snow globe is cute!

I think the box your brother made looks good. :)

Are you expecting?

Mel zei

I'm sure the box will turn out great.

that looks like one of those scary ultrasound pics...

Anoniem zei

Your snow globe is cute. Are you expecting another baby?


mdgtjulie zei

Oh, huge congrats to you for being pregnant. I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy (with no throwing up!!). Grats on the progress too. Keep up the good work!

Vicky L zei

Your snowglobe is beautiful. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you have a easy time.

Annette zei

she did have a little head-start??? Je vertelde toch niets in het Nederlands??
Ik was al overtuigd toen je onderstaande neerzetten
On personnel level I have one big hope for 2012 – one I actually already had in 2011 but that didn’t get realized, so fingers crossed for the next weeks.

Congratz Katrien.. I'm so happy for you!!
I hope you are feeling better already!!

Beautifull snowglobe finished!!

mab3500 zei

Great stitches and CONGRATULATIONS!

Smurfy zei

Congrats on both the baby and the finish.

Maureen zei

Oh - new baby - big congrats!

Kelly zei

The snow globe is lovely and massive congratulations on your pregnancy!

Shelley zei