vrijdag 24 juli 2009

real life stuff

Yes, I said I wouldn't mention my real life to much on here, and now I do it two post after another...

After my failed 9th IUI-attempt, I went back full of courage and hope to my doctor on the 12th of my cycle for the check-up, turns out I now have a cyste, so I'm out of the running for a couple of months :-(
I have wished for a baby for years, it took 7 months to get the acceptance for the IUI-treatment, and that for 12 treatments, I'm already panicking because I only have approval for 3 treatments left, and then I have to start the whole procedure up again (and of course pay it all again too). So yes, I'm stressed about it :-(

woensdag 8 juli 2009

June update, continued

This bookmark pattern comes from Cyberstitchers.com It stitches up very quickly and I liked the result more than I thought I would.
This one was made for the ILCS bookmark exchange.

I grabbed pieces from several patterns, to make a bookmark for Lila, with her favorite color (blue) en subject (butterflys). I hope she liked it.

The next one was a small kit from cross-stitch greeting cards called 'pottery maker'. It was a quick stitch, fun to make.

On personal news, the 9th IUI-attempt was another big failure, and I'm really beginning to think I'll never become a mum., and my doctor just doesn't listen to my concers. Every one who knows I was trying is wondering why I still haven't brought any good news, and people are then wondering why I'm feeling so depressed?!

June update

After my earlier small finishes, I decided to rescue my BAP "The Great Empire of Egypt" from the treat of becoming an UFO :-)

So for the last two weeks of june, I have been working on this one.

This is how it looked on June 30th:

I also got another finish: the small Kit I recieved from Rene. It's a pattern called Welcome. My father immediately wanted it for his house!