maandag 31 januari 2011

LK-SAL: August

Stitching update
yes, I finally have another update! You thought I'd be quicker from now on, didn't you! :-) But no, stitching-mojo left me hanging, probably scared off by my tiredness.
So I begged for him to return, so I could at least finish one little LK-stamp this month, and look...! I did it, not without lots of visits from the frogs, but none the less, it's done, finished, all stitched up!

I hope stitching-mojo will stay around this time, because I really would like to stitch up the next months a bit quicker!

New stash!
I treated myself to some new stash (but please don't ask me when I'll ever be able to stitch it)
DSC00425 * DSC00426

Can you believe she's 7 months already!? She likes to hold big converstations now, they go like this: dadadadadaiiidaidaidaikaallalaprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpffft One time she had to have al talk at 2 AM :-)
The poor darling is getting her first tooth, she's drooling, biting, and in pain :-(
She really loves her vegetables now, eats everything she's served, lets hope it stays that way!
A week and a half I also started giving her fruit, she likes it! :-) Apple, pear and banana so far.
DSC00418 * DSC00419

I'm still trying to get the remaining pregnancy-kilos off, I can fit most of my clothes again (even if some are a bit too tight), but I still get remarks from some people about my figure :-(

In Memorian

Rene, you will never be forgotten!

donderdag 6 januari 2011

A baby is a gift from God

First of all, happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2011 will bring time with your friends and family, stash and stitching time and especially good health!
My new years baking was very simple, didn't have time to try something more adventurous, but it was tasty.

I've finished Rene's gift! It still needs to be ironed, washed, and then framed, but here's a pic of how it's going to look:

That pic is from when she was about 4 hours old :)

And here's another pic of the cutie (that almost never wants to smile on camera, the moment she see's you're going to take a pic, away goes that smile!)