zondag 29 juli 2012

A finish, a start and a give-away

A finish

I finally finished the snow-globe SAL, so here's part 8

I'm really happy this one is finished, although it was fun to stitch, the globe was constantly almost the same, and I don't like stitching the same thing over and over again so shortly after one another. Now to find the time to really finish these globes...
With this finish, I have almost completed my goals for 2012 (admitted, it was a really short list...)

A start

A finish also means a new start! And now, not one of my list of goals (I'm making it more difficult for myself...), and one I hope to finish in a short time. Not that easy with a two year old in the house, but I will try!
Here's my new start, I'm sure you'll figure the theme out for yourselfs ;)

A give-away

As promised in the last post, I'm doing a give-away for my 100th post on blogger!
I'm giving away two magazines Borduurblad nr 7 and nr 14, a DMC-kit, and some small kits. This to one lucky participant. Just leave a comment you'd like to be included in the give-away. Sharing on your blog is not necessary, being a follower is not necessary (though both are nice ;)) When I reach 100 followers, another give-away will follow.

you have time until august 21th.

Once upon a time...

when I was a teenager, I had a little dog. So did my sister and brother. As we all lived at my parents, it seemed like we just had 3 dogs. I moved out of the house, taking my little Princesje with me, but she still went to my parents during the day, when I was at work, it still seemed like 'we' just all had 3 dogs together. Princesje passed away last year at age 14 and 2 months, Pralientje passed away march 1st at age 16years and 11 months, and we lost 'our' last dog, at age 14 and 1 month just a couple of weeks ago.

My brother got a new puppy in the house, Poppie! Jelena just adores this little one, and it's obviously returned.

What else have I been doing... mostly baby-preparations: clearing out the clutter guest-room to make place for the baby-furniture. Some clothes-shopping :) Buying the neccesaties to make the little presents for those that come visit, still need to put them together off course, that was a little early to start yet.
We visited an amusement park (Efteling) in the Netherlands. Although Jelena is still a little small to really understand it all, she did have some fun.

I also had some news from the work-front, the department where I work is going to be reorganised, so fun to have these changes happen while I'm in sick leave... :( It does bring some extra stress I did not need.

thank you for visiting my blog!