dinsdag 22 juni 2010

More Egypt

Egypt has grown nicely (even if I do say so myself, lol) since last time. I'm taking advantage of the last days of my pregnancy to get as much stitching in, as I can - since it will probably be a while then before I can sit down and stitch again. So here's a pic of where I am today:

With the 'palmzuil' (Palmate Column) and the Albasten sfinx (Albaster sfinx) finished, and also the border, I finished the right side of the pattern! Yay me :) Egypt might even get finished one day!

maandag 14 juni 2010

The Egyptian Empire: tempel Aboe Simbel + Horus


A week and a half ago, the doctor gave me the OK to be a bit more 'active' again, so I've been sitting up more again, and taking mini-walks. The sitting up gave me the possibility to take up the stitching of the Egyptian Empire again. Remember where I left of?

I've been working on the Temple Aboe Simbel first (the statues behind King Tut) and then the statue Horus next to it. Here's a pic of the stitched area and one of the whole work. Next on the agenda is 'palmzuil'.

a bigger version of the pic can be found here webshots album

I've hit the 37 weeks pregnancy mark! So from now, the baby is allowed to come from the doctor, I personally hope baby stays where it is for about 2 more weeks (or 3). It's wierd, but it's like I really need those 2 weeks mentally. And I have a tour of the maternity ward planned on the 24th (second try, the first appointment couldn't go through because I was put on rest) and I really would like to be able to make that appointment, I think I'd be more relaxed through the delivery if I have that preparation. We'll see have everything goes... as long as baby is healthy!

vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Another biscornu

I finally managed to put together the third stitched up biscornu. This one is 39x39 in size.

(click to biggify)
This one is made from two free patterns from Miss T

Thanks everyone who's encouraged me in trying the afghan, I'm still doubting my own skills though :(, also thanks to everyone who voted :) For now Eyeore has won :)

Now I'm going to enjoy the hot weather a bit more (before it's too hot for me), since it will only last a couple of days.