woensdag 30 december 2009

Last post of the year

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was spent with the family, a little bit with sadness, as we had a funeral on the 24th (an uncle of mine).

Someone asked what was wrong with my fur-baby, she had an infection of the uterus. It was already that bad, that there was a little hole in it, and the infection had spread in her tummy. The vet wondered how we didn't notice before, but really one day she looked perfectly fine (still coming for cuddling, eating normaly, going outside when she needed, jumping in the sofa by herself) and the next day, she couldn't walk anymore. But she's all fine again, as you can see in piccie below :-)

Still no stitchy updates...

maandag 14 december 2009

Wondering were the updates are? There won't be any very soon. Stitching has come to a complete stop, I just can't seem to do it, high blood pressure is making things difficult. But I've got meds now, so hopefully everything will get sorted out soon.

On the positive note, my little fur-baby has made a great recovery! She was really shaking when she had to go back to the vet to removed the stitches out of her tummy, and she was really weak for about a week, but now she's back playing with her toys (and that at almost 13 years old!) I'll try to get a pic of my little one up next time.