zondag 24 juli 2011

Baby Afghan: FINISHED

Happy dancing right now, I finished the stitching part of the baby-afghan. Now on to the real finishing (which may take some time, no acces to the necessary materials right now).
Pic of the stitching will follow (I was just so happy to have finished the stitching, I couldn't wait until I have the pic up and running to post about it!).

maandag 18 juli 2011

Baby Afghan: the final sprint

Baby Afghan: status update
Not yet the news I had hoped for, but since it had been quite a while since I've been able to get a stitch in (Jelena's birthday-party took much prep time), not surprising. But this weekend, I was finally able to get the afghan back out from under the dust it was gathering :-) I've finished another square this evening, now it's just ONE MORE left. I HOPE to get it finished this weekend (well, the stitching anyway, who knows when the actual finishing will be done). And since the weather is really autumn-like, she could really use it!

Unfortunately, not that many pics too share, since my photographer of service (my brother) gave up after only a couple of pics :-( (apparently, there was a problem with the memory-card), boohoo! Luckily, someone else was happily taking pics, so maybe I'll be able to share some pics later.
It was a great day, my cakes looked and tasted good, so good they all asked if I had really made them myself (YES, I did!). Here's a pic of me coming with the big birthday-cake.
There was some others next to this big cake, but no piccies :(
DSC00698 Jelena looking at the cake.

And just to make you hungry, some pics of other cakes made for other occasions
DSC00704 this one is a little cake with the left-other cake batter and creme au beurre from the big cake.

and since there are never too many pics of Jelena:
DSC00709 DSC00702

zaterdag 9 juli 2011

GO!Baby give-away by DEB

Deb is hosting an awesome give-away. Go check out her blog