dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Inca and Maya cultures finished!

I finally finished my WIP Inca and Maya Cultures. This was Lanarte kit, 43x 37 cm.

I forgot about a tiny finish last blog update: I made a cart for the occassion of the birth of my best friend's child. Since I didn't know the gender, I made a blue and a pink one. Forgot to take a pic of the one I used (forgetting things seem to be quite common lately!)

And the almost big sister, is also almost two years old! She wanted to take a step in mom's shoes :)

she also got her first ice cream cone since the weather is so hot, she didn't quite know what to do with it, and didn't end up eating any of it. Oh well...

Thanks everyone for the congrats on the pregnancy, everything is going well so far (positive fibes to keep things that way are appreciated though!), I feel the baby kick every day since I'm 16 weeks along :). I'm having a check-up for the blood-pressure soon, fingers crossed everything stays well.

Hoe gaat het met mijn baby?

EDIT: almost forgot, here's a pic of the cake I made for mother's day ( a biscuit with strawberry filling, creme freche on top, and roses made of rolfondant) and a pic of the gifts I got

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maandag 7 mei 2012

Snow Globe SAL 6/8

Snow Globe SAL 6/8
I finally finished the 6th part in this SAL, only took me a couple of months...

Box Finishing Class
Meari is organizing a box finishing class. I had a lot of trouble finding a box (didn't find one at all...) so my brother made one. Okay, it's not the best looking box in the world, but to me it is mostly about the practice of learning how do finish this. Here's the box and my stitching Mes Jouets

Hidden hints
I left two hidden hints in the last blogpost. Annette found the message, although since she understands Dutch, she did have a little head-start :) For the others, here's another 'hint'

This new Blogger-look is really taking some getting used too, why do they have to change this when you are finally getting the hang of things??
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