dinsdag 15 maart 2011

LK SAL: finished

I finished the last stamp on Sunday, so I'm done with the LK-SAL. The group started a new LK-SAL, but I've opted not to do this one, since I still have so many projects to do, although it is with a little regret, as I've really come to like the Lizzie Kate designs!

LK stamp: December

In the meantime, I seem to be catching all the bugs out there, hardly recovered from one cold, and I (and unfortunately Jelena too) have the next one! Luckily it's allmost spring!

I bouhgt a Baby Afgan at a fair, a good week ago, came home, realised it was one of the choices I'd selected last year at 123-stitch (but didn't buy at that time due to circumstances), and that even with the sending-cost from America, it would still have saved me 10 euro's, it was not such a good day :-( Now of course, I have to get started on the Afghan, so Jelena won't have outgrown it by the time I've finished!
Jelena is still mostly 'dragging' (snake-like) over the floor (fast!). She does put herself on hands and knees sometimes, but doesn't quite get it yet. She's also almost putting herself in sit-position from lying down.

DSC00456 get out of my way, coming through!

DSC00459 solving cross-word puzzles!