maandag 25 januari 2010

Mystery Animal SAL part 5

I've finaly been able to pick my needles back up and stitch the 5th part of this SAL. I had originaly already started this part back in november and done half of it, but when I started the bird, I noticed I had forgotten that there was an overlay of 3 stitches, big booboo! (and not good for my high blood-pressure, lol!) So after frogging it all, I didn't feel like stitching anymore at all! But after a few months (and new stash...), and my BP doing better (let's keep fingers crossed it stays that way!) I started this one again.

So here's part 5:

Curious about the stash I mentioned? Well... I bought this one I'm sure you can image for who this will be :-) I hope to start this one soon, but would like to have the animal SAL finished first.

I still also have 'Egypt' lying around, but the part I started seems wrong compared to the pic provided by Lanarte, it looks like 2 colors are switched, it's probably me who's wrong, but I asked Lanarte anyway, back in october already, they don't seem to find it necessary to answer :( It's a shame, this has been a really expensive kit, and this has diminished my trust in them (I mean, really, is it so hard to at least acknowledge my message?), but well, maybe I'm wrong for feeling that way (being overly emotional and all, lol)?

And to end the newyears-month, I want to thank everyone again for the cards I recieved, I had a nice display in my house with all the cards