vrijdag 24 september 2010

LK-SAL: february

LK february Soooo, we're almost a month later ... and I finally finished another piece of my LK-SAL. Since I didn't have any inspiration on how to finish these stamps (and since I can't sew, there aren't that many things I can make), I decided to make one big piece.

Proud mummy!
Can't believe she's now almost 3 (three!) months old, where did those weeks go?? She's now at the stage of making funny sounds (prrr, wawa, hé), and putting everything in her mouth.
HPIM2154 HPIM2171 HPIM2189
Unfortunately, I have only one more week of vacation-time and then it's back to work (but luckily I start on half days), so I'll have to start her on powder-milk (keeping fingers crossed the transition goes smoothly!)