zondag 30 mei 2010


Since I have to take things easy, and try to keep bed-rest, I decided to try to stitch some little things (the pattern for Egypt is just a 'tiny little bit' to big work with :-) ) and decided on some biscornus. I've finished these two, one with a button and one without. The motives are 25x25 stitches, so these are real small ones. I've got one more to put together, a slighty bigger one 37x37 stitches

Someone asked me if I was going to make a baby afghan, that made me think about it :-) I'm in doubt if I have enough skill to make a beautifull afghan, but the question certainly made me interested in them! Unfortunately, it's not something I can find in my LNS, so it would mean some overseas shopping. I've been looking at 123stitch, and would prefer a kit, so I'm sure I have all the right things. But which to chose?; which ones do you like the most?
1 Snoozy Day
2 Pooh with bees
3 Eeyore
4 Sleepy Bunnies
5 Sweet Animal
6 B is for Baby
7 I have another idea...

For those following my pregnancy, I'm still and the meds to stop contractions, hopefully I'll know more soon, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed - praying - hoping that baby stays put where it is for a week or 4-5 more :) If you want to take a guess as to the babies gender (if you already know, please don't tell), there's a poll in the sidebar

woensdag 12 mei 2010

Second finish of the year

Winnie the Pooh Calender
Sunday evening, I finished the last backstitch on Tigger (March). With that finished I have my second finish of the year! Here's a detail of the last two months and a pic of the whole calender.

Pooh and Friends is a counted cross-stitch kit from Vervaco: 2575/70.910 stitched on a 14 ct Aïda. Finished size: 25 x45 cm (14" x 18").

Chef Tiger is having a giveaway here. Go check it out.

Dawn (no blogger) gifted me with a pattern and some floss! This is a totally new kind of floss for me, so anyone have ideas how I can use, please tell :)

Pregnancy update
Monday, it turned it I already have some contractions, since I'm only 32 weeks along, that's way to early :( So now I'm on meds to stop the contractions, and I need to rest as much as possible. Please tell the baby it needs to wait to come into the world!

zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Winnie the pooh Calender: only two left

Hi all,

I finished two more months of the calender, so now only June and March are left to do. I'm working on June right now, hope to finish it today, so hopefully sometime next week I'll have my second finish of the year! For now, here's a pic of December and September.

dinsdag 4 mei 2010

Winnie the pooh Calender: two more

Saturday I finished two more months of the calender which makes it 8/12th finished :) This part has another cute piglet, but here too, the backstitching was no fun; it looked nowhere near the pic of the kit, so I ripped them out again, and based myself on the pic instead of on the pattern and it looks much better now. :)

Pregnancy update
The furniture for the baby's room arrived on friday, saturday everything was set-up. So I'm starting on the clothes now. I recieved a lot of babies clothes from other people, but most are for 6 months, so I guess it's shopping-time! :-)
Here's a new piccie of me at 30 weeks.

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