donderdag 15 oktober 2009

Mystery Animal SAL 3/10

I finished the third part of the mystery SAL, and the mystery is starting to get revealed :-) I even did the backstitches this time for all the parts! I did have trouble with this part, because my printer seems to have taken a dislike to me, and decided to make it al quite unreadable, so I had to follow the pattern on the computer screen - which made me lose my place in the pattern often times. So I was very glad to be done with it! On to part 4...

16 opmerkingen:

Jade zei

Sorry to hear about your printer troubles, those things can be annoying at times. But your stitching looks great so it was worth the trouble!

Mel zei

That sucks about your printer for sure.
But you can start to see what it is. :)
Looking great.

htimcj zei

Bummer about your printer. I have tried to stitch from the pattern off the screen it doesn't work so well. It is looking lovely though!

Sadie zei

Your stitching is beautiful katrien :-)
I hope your printer starts to work properly.

5 Foot Runt zei

That looks like it's going to be a beautiful when it's finished.

Emily zei

Very pretty, and colorful.

Linda K's Creativity Works zei

Good Progress there...that is going to look so neat when you get this one finished.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Linda K from ILCS

Gabi zei

Looks good. Hope you'll get the printer problem fixed. I would hate it to stitch from the computer screen.

Annette zei

Hij ziet er erg mooi uit.
Ik hoop volgende de week er aan te gaan beginnen.
Ik lees het liefst patroon van mijn laptop vind ik makkelijk, dan van papier... dit is voor mij dus ideaal..

~~~Melinda zei

Good job, love the colors. Where did you get this SAL?

Vicki in CO zei

Very pretty project. Where is the SAL from? Sorry about your printer problems.

Meari zei

Those colors are really pretty! Sorry to hear about your printer problems.

Nancy M zei

I've never even tried stitching from the screen! It looks great!

Kelly zei

It looks so pretty, love the colours!

Shelley zei

I couldn't even imagine stitching from my computer screen! The colors are so beautiful and vibrant.

Carol zei

I love hummingbirds. We get Ruby-throated ones in our yard. Your pretty piece looks like it might be one of them :)

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