woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Mystery Animal SAL part 4/10

It's been a while since I've updated, oops!

It's not because I haven't been stitching though :-) I've been working on the mystery SAL, this time with a print-out. It seemed my printer was hungry for more ink, silly printer not telling me such a small detail! So after feeding the printer, I got a very nice print out of it. That did help a lot to get the stitching done faster. And this is the result...

I've also been practising my culinary skills, by making a vegetable quiche and a clafoutis for dessert for a dinner party, but well that hasn't got anything to do with the subject :-)

Anyway, can I also interest anyone in an update on the Great Empire of Egypt?

And a stupid question, what do I have to do to get a notification when someone leaves a comment on my blog?

8 opmerkingen:

Mel zei

That hummingbird is going to be awesome! :)

To get a notification I think in your blogger dashboard (main screen) click Settings for the blog you want, then third across (I think) is comments... near the bottom there is an option to get an email notification. Let me know if that works for you

Annette zei

Wat mooi is hij geworden, ik heb net deel 2 af, en zit te wachten tot ik deel 3 krijg. Ik vind de kleuren zo mooi.
Zoals boven beschreven staat zo krijg ik ook continu een email als er iemand een een comment achter laat.
Succes met beide projecten, laat je updatevan Egypt maar zien, ben benieuwd

Rene la Frog zei

WOW that is looking awesome....love the colors. Would love to see a update on Egypt.

Sadie zei

Beautiful progress Katrien :-)

Carolyn NC zei

Love the hummingbird!

Anne Sans Tete zei

it looks gorgeous and i love the colors!

Nancy M zei

Your SAL looks lovely! I think my printer died on me today! The power light just went out on its own. Did you get your comments issue worked out?

Anoniem zei

That looks very pretty. My printer needs ink as well, would even let me scan.