vrijdag 24 september 2010

LK-SAL: february

LK february Soooo, we're almost a month later ... and I finally finished another piece of my LK-SAL. Since I didn't have any inspiration on how to finish these stamps (and since I can't sew, there aren't that many things I can make), I decided to make one big piece.

Proud mummy!
Can't believe she's now almost 3 (three!) months old, where did those weeks go?? She's now at the stage of making funny sounds (prrr, wawa, hé), and putting everything in her mouth.
HPIM2154 HPIM2171 HPIM2189
Unfortunately, I have only one more week of vacation-time and then it's back to work (but luckily I start on half days), so I'll have to start her on powder-milk (keeping fingers crossed the transition goes smoothly!)

11 opmerkingen:

Nancy M zei

Look at that head of hair!! So cute. Your stitching is great.....especially with a new baby. Good luck transitioning back to work.

Emily zei

What a head of hair, my poor child didn't have much hair til she was a year old. Nice that you get to start back at 1/2 days.

htimcj zei

Your DD is so cute. I am sure the transition to formula will go fine. Your LK stamp looks great. I have started those all separately and now I am not sure what to do with them :)

Annette zei

Great work on the LK SAL, I'm still very behind !!!
What a cute photo's of you baby girl.
Meestal is het geen probleem om over te stappen om flesvoeding, wat wel vaak helpt is om je partner de eerste flessen te laten geven omdat jij naar borstvoeding ruikt en als ze dan flesvoeding krijgt wil dat niet altijd... is maar een tip!!!

Vicky L zei

Your LK is looking great!
Your daughter is adorable! Cant believe she is 3 months. I hope things go smoothly when you go back to work

Mylene zei

Cute pics of your daughter!
LK is coming along great. I am doing mine on one piece too, perhaps finish it into a bellpull.

EvalinaMaria zei

Jelena is adorable, I love her hair do! Congrats on another finish and good luck with going back to work.

Janaina zei

Great hair style... lol What a cute pie! Keeping fingers crossed for you and the formula!
Hugs from south Brazil.

Anne Sans Tete zei

Very nice stitching. Jelena is adorable!!!

- Lisa N.

Rene la Frog zei

The LK Stamp looks really good but your little one steals the show....she is just adorable

Mel zei

Lk is look great.

The little one is soooo cute! :)