zondag 12 december 2010

LK SAL: april

Having a little girl that prefers to spend the evenings in mummy's arms is not productive for mummy's stitching, so even this little pattern took me more than a month! (schock!!)
But I finally managed to finish the April stamp.


Hopefully I'll get May done a bit faster!

10 opmerkingen:

angel parker zei

Enjoy the days of her wanting to be in your lap because they grow up way too soon. My baby is 22 now! I love your stamp too.

Emily zei

A finish is a finish. Does she take naps during the day??

Shelley zei

Great finish!!
I have this one kitted up to stitch in 2011 on a banding.

Annette zei

He is very beautifull...
Geniet er nog maar van dat ze heerlijk in je armen wil liggen, ook dat gaat een keer over!!

Anne Sans Tete zei

Very cute!

- Lisa N.

Meari zei

Congrats on your finish!

Nancy M zei

I'm glad I really didn't get consumed with stitching until my kids were older. I think they would have suffered!! LOL Cute finish.

MaryT zei

Really cute!

Mary Louise in IN

Kate zei

Congratulations on your finish. Your baby needs you now but they grow up quickly. I found it easier when DS was a toddler.

Lyn zei

Your finish looks wonderful!