vrijdag 24 december 2010

Merry Christmas

Jelena and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

DSC00335 DSC00337 DSC00343 DSC00370

vegetable time!
Since Jelena is turning six months old (young), it's time to start with vegetables. It wasn't a big succes yet, ah well, she'll learn with time I guess.

DSC00360 DSC00361

Christmas baking
I've been baking ...
DSC00368 DSC00369 DSC00372

I finished the next one in line: June
On the July...


all pics are clickable

5 opmerkingen:

angel parker zei

Your daughter has such beautiful hair. She is definitely a cutie and isn't the holidays so much more fun with a little one? Merry Christmas! Angel

Annette zei

What a beautifull girl is see!!!
Fijne dagen!!

Emily zei

You got June done quickly. Daughter is so cute, it may take a while for her to like anything. Stuff is nasty anyway.

Meari zei

Jelena is adorable :) They're so much fun at that age. congrats on finishing another stamp. Looks good.

Shelley zei

Jelena is too cute! Merry Christmas!!

Your Lizzie Kate stamps are looking fabulous. I can't wait til the new year when I am starting mine.