donderdag 6 januari 2011

A baby is a gift from God

First of all, happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2011 will bring time with your friends and family, stash and stitching time and especially good health!
My new years baking was very simple, didn't have time to try something more adventurous, but it was tasty.

I've finished Rene's gift! It still needs to be ironed, washed, and then framed, but here's a pic of how it's going to look:

That pic is from when she was about 4 hours old :)

And here's another pic of the cutie (that almost never wants to smile on camera, the moment she see's you're going to take a pic, away goes that smile!)

8 opmerkingen:

Annette zei

happy new Year!!
What a lovely jummy pie and a beautifull piece for Jelena..
Baby's never want to smile for the camera...hihi

htimcj zei

What a cute little girl! Your piece for her looks beautiful and your baking looks very tasty!

Meari zei

Congrats on finishing the project. It's adorable, as is Jelena!

Happy New Year, Katrien!

Vicky L zei

Your finish for Jelena is very pretty. Helena looks so adorable, even though she is frowning.
Happy New year to you and Jelena.

Nancy M zei

How nice that you stitched that present from Rene up. That's a nice way to remember her. I use a pair of scissors that has a fob she made me and think of her every time I pick them up. Your little girl is getting so big.

Terri zei

That is beautiful stitching I am glad you stitched that project :)

Emily in NC zei

That is a very nice pattern and will look great in her room. Just realized that her birthday is the same as my daughters'. What are the odds, shame we can't get together and have a group party. Too far away.

Shelley zei

Jelena is adorable, smile or not :)

Rene would be so happy to see your beautiful finish. Congrats.