maandag 31 januari 2011

LK-SAL: August

Stitching update
yes, I finally have another update! You thought I'd be quicker from now on, didn't you! :-) But no, stitching-mojo left me hanging, probably scared off by my tiredness.
So I begged for him to return, so I could at least finish one little LK-stamp this month, and look...! I did it, not without lots of visits from the frogs, but none the less, it's done, finished, all stitched up!

I hope stitching-mojo will stay around this time, because I really would like to stitch up the next months a bit quicker!

New stash!
I treated myself to some new stash (but please don't ask me when I'll ever be able to stitch it)
DSC00425 * DSC00426

Can you believe she's 7 months already!? She likes to hold big converstations now, they go like this: dadadadadaiiidaidaidaikaallalaprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpffft One time she had to have al talk at 2 AM :-)
The poor darling is getting her first tooth, she's drooling, biting, and in pain :-(
She really loves her vegetables now, eats everything she's served, lets hope it stays that way!
A week and a half I also started giving her fruit, she likes it! :-) Apple, pear and banana so far.
DSC00418 * DSC00419

I'm still trying to get the remaining pregnancy-kilos off, I can fit most of my clothes again (even if some are a bit too tight), but I still get remarks from some people about my figure :-(

In Memorian

Rene, you will never be forgotten!

8 opmerkingen:

Jennifer zei

Little Jelena is just so adorable :-) And Congrats on loosing a lot of the baby weight and ignore what those others say their opinions DO NOT matter you had a baby and you are looking great keep it up :-)

htimcj zei

I am glad to hear Jelena is doing so well. Hopefully the teeth some in quickly!
Your stamp looks great! I just ordered it for my birthday yesturday!

Annette zei

You stamp looks great!!!
With a little girl you can't always have a stitching -mojo...hihi, Hope it will stay there.
Jelena is a cute little girl, hope she will eat that good at 2 years!!
Laat ze allemaal maar praten over de kilo's. Bij mij duurde het bij Noah ook echt 9 maanden voordat ik ze kwijt was, en dat is goed ook he. Zorg dat je ze in het eerste jaar kwijt raak, daarna kost het alleen maar meer moeite!!!Maar zodra ze gaat lopen en kruipen moet je genoeg vliegen, en vliegen de kilo's ook alleeen maar sneller weg!!
Komt goed

Kelly zei

Love the stamp, lovely stitching!
Your little girl is so bonnie! Enjoy your stash!

Carolyn NC zei

Your little one is sooo cute! Lovely stitching and stash!

Shelley zei

Jelena is adorable. Hope her tooth doesn't give her too much discomfort. Connor started breaking his in at 4 months old!

Don't listen to anyone who says unhappy things about your figure. You are a mom and mom's are special, every part of us.

Meari zei

Jelena is getting to be such a big girl :) I think you look fine in the photos. Pfftt on those who comment.

Congrats on your stitchy finish. It looks great.

Nancy M zei

Great job on're way ahead of the game. The stocking will be perfect for Jalena, better get that one going....she is a cutie for sure.