donderdag 9 juni 2011

Baby Afghan: row Three

Yep, more stitching got done on the baby afghan, and I finished the third row with a cute dog and bunny.
DSC00642 DSC00636
From now on the motives are returning, but some in mirror image. I'm not going to bore you with the images again, I will put up a pic of the whole afghan next time :)

And here's a pic of little cool Jelena at the beach

Thanks for viewing (and commenting), I appreciate it!

10 opmerkingen:

Shelley zei

That puupy is adorable. I am so excited to see the finish afghan!!

Jelena is too cute sunning herself :)

Annette zei

Och What a cute puppy and bunny
Can't wait to see the whole afghan.. your going so fast with it!!!
That little Jelena she looks so cool!!!
Alsmost 1 year... Party party!!!!!

mdgtjulie zei

Your two little animals are so cute. And so is Jelena! She's adorable in her sunglasses!!

Gabi zei

Both little animals are really cute. So is little Jelena :)

Anoniem zei

Leuk je nieuwe blokken, en wat een stoere meid met haar zonnenbril ;o)

Anoniem zei

Looking forward to seeing your finished afghan. Your daughter is so adorable and love the sunglasses.


MiniBinoy zei

can't wait to see the finished afghan!!:)

Nancy M zei

Very cute animals! And your daughter is getting so big!

Debbie Jo zei

Your stitching is wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing the whole afghan.

Jelena is sure growing fast!

Meari zei

That afghan is going to be sooooo cute. Just like your little girl.