dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Pics, Pics and more Pics (part1)

When in need of photo's my friend really comes to the rescue! Thank you very much for the pics of Jelena's birthday-party.
First a pic of the big cake I made for Jelena's birthday :)
It's made out of 3 biscuits on top of each other:
- regular biscuit with crème au beurre filling
- chocolate biscuit with strawberry-mousse filling
- regular biscuit with crème pattisière and kiwi.
I did make a change to the biscuit-recepy, but that's my secret ;-).
All decorated with rolfondant and marsepein. The decorations were 'glued' onto the biscuits by home-made edible 'glue' :-)
P7021818 P7021829
Next to this big one, there were also strawberry cakes, flan bresilienne and misérable, and Jelena had her own special cake with fruit and pudding.

After the cake it was time for presents!
P7021873 P7021878 P7021885

Nancy, my apologies ;-) there's no pic with cake all over her face, but I hope this one (with spaghetti-sauce over her face) can make up for it :-)

I've been on vacation at our coast, here Jelena was taking a walk on the beach:

And when it was finally warm enough, she had to try out her new bathing-suit

Since she's now a big girl, I've been cooking some 'special' dishes
DSC00902 DSC00757 (the second one is courgette-gratin) It was very yummy!

here she had her first professional haircut

playing and sharing:
DSC00766 DSC00768


Hot-air Balloon
I gave a gift-certificate for a flight by hot-air balloon to the god-father of Jelena, here are some pics of his trip
DSC00815 DSC00846 DSC00853 DSC00854 DSC00868 DSC00870 DSC00873

And I hope this works:

(ps. she did not get hurt during the making of this video)

Stitching: to follow in part two (not tired of all my pics yet?)

5 opmerkingen:

mdgtjulie zei

Who could ever get tired of such cute pics?!? She's adorable. I'm so glad the party was a hit. Can't wait to see what you're stitching on!

Emily in NC zei

What could be better than cake and presents. How fun a hot balloon ride, have been wanting to do that.

Annette zei

Ik had deze post helemaal gemist..
Wat heb je een gewldige taart gebakken!!
Je kan zowiezo goed koken en bakken als ik dat zo zie... kokkin ;)
Wat een geweldige foto's van Jelena allemaal.ow en day filmpje... super gaaf...
Pas nu maar op niets in je huis is meer veilig!!

EvalinaMaria zei

She is absolutely adorable!!! I hope Jelena wasn't hurt, the video ended with a little bump!

Nancy M zei

Looks like a great birthday. New haircut and a pretty cake! Love the messy face, and I guess that's a good substitute for the cake!