woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Pics, Pics and more Pics (part two)

Soooooooooooo, here is the stitchy part of the update!

Yes, the long awaited pic of the baby afghan is finally here. What fun I had pulling out all the threads (not!) DSC00909

So here it finally is: Farm Animals Baby Afghan by Dimensions (designed by Barbara Mock)
29" x 45"/ 73 cm x 114 cm

A finish also means a new start! I had planned to start the Christmas-sock for Jelena put didn't have the kit with me on vacation. I did have another one with me, here is what I have so far:

I did already get the encouraging comment that I had done only a little bit on it, and that there is a lot of work left on it :( Yes, I know, my stitching does not go that fast anymore. My days are filled with walking little circles with my daughter :)

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9 opmerkingen:

Jennifer Wright zei

Oh the afghan came out adorable!!!!

Meari zei

The afghan turned out adorable, Katrien!! So, so cute.

A little bit of progress is better than none. :)

Anoniem zei

Wat is het een superlieve leuke schattige afghan geworden je hebt alle eer van je werk en wat zal je dochtertje er blij mee zijn.....

groetjes marjolein

Annette zei

Wauw je afghan is echt mooi geworden...
Dat was al dat werk zeker waard hoor!!!
Wat ga je er mee doen: op jelena haar bed op aan de muur?
De nieuwe werkje is ook een mooietje, succes ermee.
ow geweldig dat ze lekker kan lopen... pas maar op ze lopen zo de deur uit

Emily in NC zei

Afghan is so cute, like the arrangement of the squares.

mdgtjulie zei

Your afghan turned out gorgeous. I bet you did NOT have fun making all that fringe though!!!! I'd bet Jelena loves it though, so well worth it in the end. Big congrats on the finish!! And you have two needles going on your new piece. Fab!!! Keep up the good work!!

Shelley zei

Your new start looks great.

The afghan is amazingly beautiful! Congrats on the wonderful finish :)

EvalinaMaria zei

Great job Katrien, the afghan looks very, very nice. Congrats on the finish!

Nancy M zei

The afghan looks great! I did one of those years ago and I remember having to pull the fringe! yuck. Looks like a big new project.