vrijdag 9 september 2011

Some progress

I've made a bit of progress on my newest WIP. It's not exactly a small piece but not really BAP-size either, but it might still take me a while to finish this one; since I only get to stitch a couple of hours per week.

Every year, we have a sand-sculpture in Blankenberge, this year the theme was Disney.
DSC00966 DSC00972 DSC00983 DSC00991 DSC01022 DSC01032 DSC01091
more here

and for closure of this post ;-)

11 opmerkingen:

Nancy M zei

Very detailed new WIP!! Those sand sculptures are amazing! The ones that are in the dark, are those smaller?? I see some were outside so they had to be huge! What talent. Your daughter is adorable!

Kelly zei

Love your WIP, cant wait to see more progress on it.
The sand castles are truly amazing!
Your daughter sure is a cutie!
Thank you for sharing your pictures!

Emily in NC zei

Jelena has gotten so big, so is just precious. Love those sand castles, it is amazing what artists can do.

miek 2 zei

Dat wordt weer een mooi werkstuk.
ik heb er alle vertrouwen in hoor, dat het afkomt.
je afghan is erg leuk geworden.
en wat een kunstenaars zijn die zandwerkers he?

MaryT zei

Really great progress on you WIP!
mary Louise in IN

Vicky L zei

I am totally stunned by those sand sculptures. The details are exquisite! You are making good progress on your stitching. What an adorable picture of Jelena! Its one of my favorites

Annette zei

Great progress on your WIP!!

Wow that pic's looks so great... That would be awesome to see!!

Jelena is zo'n leuk meisje... ik zie zo veel van Kira in haar.. zo grappig...

Anoniem zei

Lovely progress on your WIP. Those sand castles are beautiful and your daughter is so adorable.


Meari zei

I just love seeing new pics of Jelena. She is so adorable, and has the cutest smile ever!

Your WIP looks good. I only get a few hours of stitching each week, too. So, you're not alone.

Those sand sculptures are amazing!

mdgtjulie zei

Cool sand sculptures. I love to see things like that. And she looks too cute. She's obviously a happy little love. And grats on the progress.

Sparkles 'n' Stitching zei

your WIP looks so intricate, I cant wait to see this one as it grows. I love those sand sculpture pictures too... Isnt it amazing what can be done with a pile of sand