maandag 19 december 2011

SAL Snowglobes: 2/8

I've just finished the second snowglobe, about a week late (ouch). It's another christmas-themed one, with a nice christmas tree. Unfortunately, the frogs really seem to love this SAL as well, as I've been visited many times on both globes.
On to number 3...!

(click to biggify)

I've taken the challenge to stitch on clothes, nothing complicated though, just a tiny Hello Kity on a easy t-shirt. I used the DMC soluble canvas for this. It melted away quite easily, and I'm rather happy with the result.

DSC01294 DSC01295 DSC01305

I found a new recepy that looked quite delicious, and since it was my father's birthday, it was a good occasion to try it out!

Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having a hand-dyed floss New Years give-away. She's also having a Christmas give-away!! That's two chances. Go check it out!

Thanks for the suggestions! I have closed the google-toolbar as suggested by Miek, we'll see soon if it has helped :)

Edit: still not able to post, which means I'll have to start it the old old slow slow slow desktop
Edit 2 to change time of publishing to current time.

This morning the streets were quite icy. My bike (the two-peddled kind) decided to flirt with the ice on the street while I was on my way to work, the result: a couple of stitches in my face. I've told my bike never to flirt again!

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Meari zei

Nice finishes, Katrien. Your cake looks delicious.

I reverted back to an older version of Explorer and I'm able to post to blogger from my laptop now.

miek 2 zei

de globes worden ontzettend leuk, dus doorgaan hoor!
ik vind je hello kitty ook goed gelukt, zo kan je nog wel doorgaan voor je dochtertje.
wat naar dat je gevallen bent, daar zal je nog wel even last van hebben.
ik wens je prettige feestdagen toe en hoop dat je niet te veel pijn zal hebben.

ChrisG zei

Be careful on that bike...wear a helmet! You can now stitch on aprons, jackets, shirts and anything else you want. Also, give duplicate stitch a try for stitching on knitted articles like scarves...much fun to be had decorating clothing. Good luck!

Anne Sans Tete zei

The snowglobe is so cute! Sorry about your bike and street love story. Hope you're feeling okay.

- Lisa N. in Cambodia

Kate zei

I love the snowglobes.
Take care on the roads with your bike. Hope you heal quickly.

Annette zei your bike flirting.. love it!!

Wat een prachtig shirt heb je gemaakt voor Jelena.. echt heel lief...

mmm dat ziet er lekker uit!!

happy stitching met je SAL... ziet er leuk uit!!