woensdag 7 december 2011

Snow-Globe 1/8

Blogger problems
Updates come slowly, for two reasons. Not enough time to stitch..., but also problems with posting on blogger. I can type up my whole post on the 'new' (secondhand) laptop perfecty, but the stupid thing refuses to publish. So I have to start up the old computer to publish a post, and that one goes as slowwwwwwwwwwwww as a snail! So that takes a lot of time, that really could be used for better purposes. I also have difficulty reading other peoples blogs, so that takes up a lot of my time as well :( (but it's worth looking at your work!)
Any one have an idea whath the problem could be??; The laptop has Vista and I work on Internet Explorer 9

I joined a new Sal at the CSL-group and finished the first part. The SAL exists out of 8 snow-globes with a Christmas or winter-theme. The first one has a Santa inside.

Sinterklaas kapoentje
December 6th we celebrate Sinterklaas. For the adults that means chocolate, marsepein, nicnacs (little biscuits in the form of the alphabet), yummy! For the kids it means... toys! And even though Jelena is little, she got visited by Sinterklaas too :-)

First she put her shoe with a little something for the horse.

The next morning her shoe was filled with some nicnacs (she doesn't usually get anything like this) and something more healthy ;-)
And of course toys!

DSC01253 DSC01254 DSC01255 DSC01259 DSC01265

she was very happy with her little shop, her kitchen-stuff and building blocks!

Till next time!

comments are loved and appreciated

9 opmerkingen:

Annette zei

Ik denk dat Vista je probleem is is echt een verschrikkelijk programma!!

Wat ziet je werkje er leuk uit Katrien!!
Heel mooi!!

Ow wat is Jelena heerlijk verwernd...
DE foto's die ik gemaakt had staan op een nader toestel, dus kon niets bij mij in me post zetten!!

miek 2 zei

hallo Katrien, het is fijn dat je weer "d`r bij" bent.
ik had ook veel problemen met het posten van blog berichten bij anderen en nu ik de hele google taakbalk bovenaan verwijderd heb, kan ik overal posten.
ik heb nu alleen de google zoekfunctie klein rechtsboven in staan en daar heb ik geen last van.
het is zo dat google alle activiteiten eerst voor google zelf binnen haalt voor je verder kan.
dat kost zoveel capaciteit dat je niet goed kan bloggen.
dus de vertaler van google heb ik ook niet meer standaard op de boventaakbalk staan.
ik kan nu bij iedereen blogberichten achter laten.
kijk daar eens naar,als je dat van google hebt.
het zijn leuke foto`s van Jelena
geworden en wat wordt ze ook al groot.

Amarins zei

WAt een gedoe met blogger af en toe hè, echt heel vervelend.
Je sneeuwballen worden ook super leuk!
Groetjes, Amarins

Jo zei

Wonderful snowglobe and Jelena looks so happy with her surprises. I use Google or Safari as my browser now instead of Internet Explorer and have no problem writing on my blog.

ChrisG zei

Jelena seemed very happy with her Santa visit. and your snow globe is coming along nicely! Christina Garcia

Emily in NC zei

Jelena seems to have enjoyed opening her presents. The snow globe idea sounds really neat, can't wait to see more.

Meari zei

Jelena looks like she's having a great time with her presents. :)

I am having the exact same problem with blogger/Vista/IE9. If you figure out why, let me know. I've been doing the same as you... writing the post post on my laptap, and then going to my olddddd desktop to publish.

Anoniem zei

Your snow globe looks very pretty and Jelena looks like she is having so much fun with her presents.


Nancy zei

Jelena is so cute and it looks like she is having a great time. Can you tell me a bit more about the SAL, such as where do I go to join up? I love your snow globe and think that I may be interested in this SAL. Thanks!!