zondag 29 juli 2012

A finish, a start and a give-away

A finish

I finally finished the snow-globe SAL, so here's part 8

I'm really happy this one is finished, although it was fun to stitch, the globe was constantly almost the same, and I don't like stitching the same thing over and over again so shortly after one another. Now to find the time to really finish these globes...
With this finish, I have almost completed my goals for 2012 (admitted, it was a really short list...)

A start

A finish also means a new start! And now, not one of my list of goals (I'm making it more difficult for myself...), and one I hope to finish in a short time. Not that easy with a two year old in the house, but I will try!
Here's my new start, I'm sure you'll figure the theme out for yourselfs ;)

A give-away

As promised in the last post, I'm doing a give-away for my 100th post on blogger!
I'm giving away two magazines Borduurblad nr 7 and nr 14, a DMC-kit, and some small kits. This to one lucky participant. Just leave a comment you'd like to be included in the give-away. Sharing on your blog is not necessary, being a follower is not necessary (though both are nice ;)) When I reach 100 followers, another give-away will follow.

you have time until august 21th.

Once upon a time...

when I was a teenager, I had a little dog. So did my sister and brother. As we all lived at my parents, it seemed like we just had 3 dogs. I moved out of the house, taking my little Princesje with me, but she still went to my parents during the day, when I was at work, it still seemed like 'we' just all had 3 dogs together. Princesje passed away last year at age 14 and 2 months, Pralientje passed away march 1st at age 16years and 11 months, and we lost 'our' last dog, at age 14 and 1 month just a couple of weeks ago.

My brother got a new puppy in the house, Poppie! Jelena just adores this little one, and it's obviously returned.

What else have I been doing... mostly baby-preparations: clearing out the clutter guest-room to make place for the baby-furniture. Some clothes-shopping :) Buying the neccesaties to make the little presents for those that come visit, still need to put them together off course, that was a little early to start yet.
We visited an amusement park (Efteling) in the Netherlands. Although Jelena is still a little small to really understand it all, she did have some fun.

I also had some news from the work-front, the department where I work is going to be reorganised, so fun to have these changes happen while I'm in sick leave... :( It does bring some extra stress I did not need.

thank you for visiting my blog!

10 opmerkingen:

Carolyn NC zei

Lovely finish and pics of your family!

Denise SA zei

Congratulations on your finish and I like your new start

Nancy M zei

Another nice finish and you reached your goal already! Your new start looks very cute and quite a bit done too! Jelena looks like she has had a busy summer! Very cute puppy. No need to include me in your giveaway. I have plenty of stash to keep me busy!

Anoniem zei

That is a lovely finish and your new start looks cute. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Jelena.


Lyn zei

I love your finish and your Tigger alphabet start. Sorry to hear about the beloved dogs passing over Rainbow Bridge. Your family looks very nice. I would like to be entered into your giveaway. I am a follower as of today. Honestly thought I was earlier,oops!

Meari zei

Congrats on another snow globe finish. The Disney start looks adorable so far. The puppy is sooooo cute!!

Annette Bevelander zei

Leuk cnowball... and wat een gewledige start.. je bent goed bezig!!
je hebt het er maar allemaal druk mee.. leuk hoor en ook genieten he!!
Jelena is zo'n grote meid aan het worden!!

Mel zei

A cute little finish. And I love tigger! :)
The kids look like they are just loving playing in that last college of photos.

I'd love to be included in your giveaway.

Pam in PA zei

I love the Tigger alphabet! The snow globe is cute. Please include me for a chance in your giveaway. Your family is beautiful & I look forward to seeing pictures of the new little one & your precious daughter!



Vicky L zei

your finish is beautiful. The puppy is so adorable Please enter me in your giveaway