dinsdag 27 april 2010

Winnie The Pooh Calender: halfway there

Waw, updates are coming fast this time :) I finished two more months (January and April) and with these, I'm halfway through the year :) These motives were fun to work on, and fast stitches, but the backstitches in little pigglet were a bit less fun. But he looks great, so he's forgiven, lol! Click piccie to biggify.

9 opmerkingen:

Vicky L zei

Your calender months are coming out so cute. You are a fast stitcher too.

Carolyn NC zei

Very cute!

Anoniem zei

The Winnie the Pooh characters are adorable. You must be excited to be half way through the year!
alicia in Hawaii

Meari zei

You are zipping right along on these! Congrats on more progress. Absolutely adorable!

Carol zei

Nice. I love Piglet's snowman :)

Shelley zei

I am so in love with this piece. Who is the designer, where can I get the pattern??? (s.tompkins76@yahoo.com, please let me know)

Annette zei

It look so cute.... beautifull...

Rene la Frog zei

WOW you are moving right along. I've done piglett several times and I sure know what you mean about the backstitching

Cindy's Stitching zei

These are adorable.