dinsdag 4 mei 2010

Winnie the pooh Calender: two more

Saturday I finished two more months of the calender which makes it 8/12th finished :) This part has another cute piglet, but here too, the backstitching was no fun; it looked nowhere near the pic of the kit, so I ripped them out again, and based myself on the pic instead of on the pattern and it looks much better now. :)

Pregnancy update
The furniture for the baby's room arrived on friday, saturday everything was set-up. So I'm starting on the clothes now. I recieved a lot of babies clothes from other people, but most are for 6 months, so I guess it's shopping-time! :-)
Here's a new piccie of me at 30 weeks.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

9 opmerkingen:

Emily zei

So very cute, you will be finished in no time. Check on how big the baby is now, my child was never in the newborn size so it was wasteful for me to get those.

too_busy_to_stitch zei

Very cute!

Rene la Frog zei

The calendar is just to cute and almost done. You look so healthy and happy, not long to wait now.

Shelley zei

I have got to get this pattern, that is all there is to it, lol!

You look awesome!!

Anoniem zei

That is so cute. You look great.


Annette zei

Wat prachtig je lapje....
Je buikje ziet er al lekker rond uit.
Geniet ervan...

Darkangel zei

oh a pumpkin poo I love him, and good luck for your pregnancy and happy shopping

Nancy M zei

Your Calendar looks great. I am so glad you are getting it done so fast! You look great as well, so glad you are nearing the end!

Nessa G. zei

What Emily said, we barely used the Newborn sizes either! Everything looks so lovely...Good luck and keep resting!