zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Winnie the pooh Calender: only two left

Hi all,

I finished two more months of the calender, so now only June and March are left to do. I'm working on June right now, hope to finish it today, so hopefully sometime next week I'll have my second finish of the year! For now, here's a pic of December and September.

11 opmerkingen:

Wendy zei

Oooh die is leuk!! Hele mooie vorderingen!! Disney kan dan ook niet misdoen bij mij, want ik ben een hele grote Disneyfan :)

Ben al benieuwd naar je volgende vorderingen.


Annette zei

Wow Katrien je gaat als een speer. Het ziet er echt al super mooi uit ben erg benieuwd hoe het er uit ziet als het klaar is, want ik ken dit patroon niet

EvalinaMaria zei

Lovely! You are doing a marvelous job!

Emily zei

This is really just great, is it a pattern or did you put it together yourself, haven't seen anything like this in the states, (maybe I am not looking that hard)

Darkangel zei

can you do this for my daughter too, she is loving this little bear- just a joke, but it looks so cute.


htimcj zei

So cute! You look terrific by the way!

Anoniem zei

You are doing a terrific job on this, just love it.


Shelley zei

Awesome!! You're needle must be so hot from all of that stitching...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Jo zei

They're so sweet, DD loves it.

MaryT zei

Really cute, I love anything Pooh, but my favorite is Tigger:0)

Kelly zei

Really cute!