donderdag 29 juli 2010


Yesterday I got a big surprise in the mail! The mailman rang the doorbell and had a package in his hand, I hadn't ordered anything though! Then I saw the sticker of airmail on the package and the name Debbie B., I recognised the name as a member of the ILCSgroup. Inside I found a nice card, and two very cute and beautiful outfits!

and here's another piccie of the cutie that's going to be wearing them :)

Princesje would like some attention too, so she got a new haircut :)

5 opmerkingen:

Shelley zei

Jelena is gonna be so spoiled I can see it now, lol!!

Kathy zei

What a wonderful gift from Debbie. Your little girl is absolutely beautiful.

Anne Sans Tete zei

That was really sweet! Your daughter is adorable & so is your dog!

- Lisa N.

Nancy M zei

What a nice surprise and you have a couple cuties on your hands!

Meari zei

Cuties, both of the babies :) What a nice mail surprise.