zondag 8 mei 2011

Happy Mother's Day

to all moms (to be) in the world.

Jelena made something for me in daycare :)

I've also been experimenting with my baking for a mother's day-cake. I've made a small biscuit and a somewhat 'normal'-sized biscuit, made two kinds of fillings (banana-mousse and strawberry-mouse) and covered the cake with marsepein (sorry, don't know the English for that one). Still a loooong way to go with the decorating, but it's a start :)

6 opmerkingen:

Annette zei

I hope you had a great Mother's day...

What a great cake...
I wanne learn that too...!!

Kelly zei

Great looking cake, I love baking too!

Mylene zei

hmmmm, your cake looks yummmmmmmmmmmy!

mdgtjulie zei

Looks delic, and the heart is adorable. I love homemade gifts!! Or in this case, day care made gifts. Treasure it always.

Meari zei

Happy Belated Mothers Day to you. Your cakes look yummy.

Carol's Stitching zei

Looks delicious! :) Handmade gifts from your kids are always the best. Enjoy!