zondag 29 mei 2011

Baby Afghan: second row

I finished the second row of the baby afghan with a little bear and a duck. If the frogs wouldn't be interfering, these would be quick finishes.
DSC00604 DSC00635
All of these designs will come back in the lower part of the afghan (but in mirror-image)

11 months
This little one turned ELEVEN months, where does time go???

DSC00632 DSC00634

Apparently cupcakes are THE cake right now, so I couldn't stay behind, here's my experiment with them:

DSC00623 DSC00630

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mdgtjulie zei

Mmmmmm... Cupcakes. Sounds good, lol. They do grow fast, but they're so cute while they're growing. Yours is no exception; she's adorable! Stitching looks good. The duck is too cute. Sorry to hear about the frog's visit though!

Gabi zei

Both finishes are adorable. Do is your little daughter. Who is probably a great fan of your yummy cupcakes :)

Anoniem zei

Wat weer een lieve borduurtjes en je cupcakes zien eruit om in te bijten hihi.

groetjes Marjolein

X-it zei

And who is going to eat all those yummy cupcakes? ;)

Annette zei

your afghan looks great can;t wait to see the frog!!
You baby's can't stay small for ever... ( I wash they did..lol)
mmmmm cupcakes... what a great job on then.
En zo mooi met marsepein versierd...

Anoniem zei

Lovely finishes and that is going to look so nice when finished. Your baby is adorable. Who is going to eat all those cupcakes, they look very nice.


Debbie Jo zei

Such cute animals for the afghan. Your little girl is sure growing fast!! She is adorable. The cupcakes sure look good too.

Anoniem zei

The afghan motifs look so adorable.

Your little girl is growing up -- it's been fun watching her all these months.

Cupcakes, Yummm!

(who blogger won't let comment normally)

Nancy M zei

Sometimes the smallest designs take the most time! Looks adorable, both the afghan and your little girl! Cupcakes look YUMMY!

Mylene zei

She is sure growing up fast! Cute finishes and yummy cupcakes!

Debbie zei

The afghan is coming along nicely, the baby is adorable and the cupcakes look yummy!

Shelley zei

The afghan is looking great!!

Yummy cupcakes and she is adorable. 11 months!! Already?