zondag 1 mei 2011

birthday card

DSC00572 Just a small stitchy update. I made a birthday card for someone who could use a little cheering up. At the moment I (or someone else) seem to have misplaced the pattern for the baby-afghan, all 'find-lost-item'-vibes are welcome ;-)

In between these updates, I've taken a little trip to Lourdes. It was Jelena's first big trip. We went by car, she was such a good girl!
DSC00508 DSC00527
She's really changing these last few weeks, she can now really crawl on hands and knees, althoug the other way goes faster at this moment, so she still prefers that. She's also trying to stand, and pulls herself straight on anything she can.
DSC00494 DSC00502 DSC00563

Last wednesday, she turned 10 months.

And here's the result of my Easter-baking. The writing on it was done with white chocolate. The result was really yummy! :)
DSC00555 the glacing wasn't dry yet, on the pic.

And lastly, thank you everyone who has been commenting on my blog, I appreciate them all! And welcome to the new follower(s)! :-)

10 opmerkingen:

mdgtjulie zei

What an adorable baby. She's sooooo cute!!!! Like the card, and good luck finding the lost chart!

htimcj zei

What a cute little girl! Watch out when she is truly mobile :)
That is a very nice card. I hope it cheered your friend up.

Emily in NC zei

The card is beautiful, hope your friend feels better soon. Just watch out, when they can get around on their own you get NO rest at all. She is such a cutie.

Meari zei

Cute card... and even cuter Jelena!! :)

Gabi zei

Wat een schattig lief grietje je dochter is. Te tijd gaat veels te snel als ze zo jong zijn toch?
Heele leuke card. Je vriend was zeker heel erg blij ermee.
Boy...do I have to think hard to write in Dutch...lol. That doesn't go that easy anymore sadly.

Anoniem zei

Very nice card and your daughter is so sweet just love to see her pictures.


Kate zei

Cute card. Your daughter is growing up.

EvalinaMaria zei

lovely card. lovely trip, lovely cake and priceless Jelena!!!

Nancy M zei

Cute birthday card, I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled!! Glad to hear she traveled well, that will tend to encourage more traveling for her! She's going to be VERY mobile VERY soon! Have fun chasing!

stitchin' girl zei

Very cute card, but cuter baby! Your cake looks like it tasted totally awesome :o)